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‘All AFCON’ without work makes us dull citizens

By Charlie Ndi Chia See what they have done to Mr. President! He was upbeat. He kept insisting that Cameroon will be ready to host the 2019 edition of African Football Cup of Nations, AFCON. He swore without any prompting in practically every policy speech he made that every piece of relevant infrastructure would be […]

Letter to commander ebube

Sammy Oke Akombi Dear Commander, On 10th February 2019, you rudely kidnapped me verbally. You may be wondering how someone could be kidnapped verbally. Let me explain. On that fateful day I was lying helplessly on a hospital bed and then in a very rude manner, your call came. It was an unfamiliar number and […]

Governor’s ‘marching order’ divides chiefs

When he barked out the “marching order” some two weeks back, Southwest Governor Okalia Bilai Bernard may not have imagined for a split second that fiat was going to kick up much controversy with most of the chiefs kicking back in anger. But they did, and told him in no mistaken terms that he had […]

Cursing, bullying, shooting to kill our problems

By Charlie Ndi Chia My baby sister, Jane-Frances was precocious. As a toddler she would often make our educated parents look kind of stupid. This was in Victoria, aka Limbe and the “trending” madmen in town were called “Mr. Peter Mr. Mbosowa” and “Commando” respectively. Each time she cried unnecessarily or simply got naughty, I, […]

May 20, CDC and the rest of us

May 20 is Cameroon’s National Day. The day was begotten of a 1972 referendum. Then, the nation’s identity changed from ‘Federal Republic of Cameroon’ to ‘United Republic of Cameroon.’ Controversially, on February 4, 1984, “United” was abruptly peeled from the name. It was seen by most people of English speaking expression as a socio-cultural yarn […]

Biya’s decree rehabilitates disgraced Hayatou

A presidential decree on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, appointed former Confederation of african Football, CaF, President Issa Hayatou, as pioneer Chairman of the Board of directors of the National Football academy, ANaFOOT, in what many see as combined consolation and compensation for a job well done as CAF president for 29 years and, disgraceful exit […]

Molyko Stadium may ‘lie fallow’ until 2019

The new look Molyko “Omnisport” stadium hosted its first southwest division two Championship games since its refurbishment in 2016 on   sunday, May 28, 2017 putting paid to speculations that the edifice was just an ornament meant to embellish Buea Municipality. The narrative that had gained currency within Government circles was that the refurbished stadia will […]

Who owns the Anglophone Problem?

Listening to Francophones talk about the so-called Anglophone crisis can be both distressing and refreshing, depending on where they are   coming from. It is common to hear stuff like, there is no Anglophone problem  only a Cameroonian problem. Peddlers of this fallacy fall in two categories. Both hold that infrastructural underdevelopment is not unique to […]