Entries by Asonganyi Nester

STEM prize for scientific innovation launched

The second edition of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, STEM, Prize has been launched in Yaounde. The competition launched by the Denis and Lenora Foundation seeks to encourage young Cameroonians and Africans, especially young girls to map out a career in the STEM that brings together young researchers from secondary schools and institutions with […]

Mounting xenophobia, threat to national unity

The social media has in the immediate past week been awash with hate literature underpinned by edicts constraining Francophones living in the Northwest and Southwest Regions to cross the Mungo River and return to their cradles. The same order has been given to Southern Cameroonians living in Francophone Cameroon. The leitmotif for this invitation to […]

Gambling makes foothold in Buea

There is huge money for those who manage to play football notably in the world’s big leagues. European leagues especially, have made instant billionaires of otherwise extremely poor Africans but who excelled at what is fondly known as the beautiful game. But not every football playing African talent is often lucky to be spotted, let […]

Mbonge Councilors told to calm irate youths

Councillors of the Mbonge municipal council have been challenged to preach such peace as should convince their youths to embrace peace and avoid the ongoing fighting which is only binging untold misery and death. The Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Hermia Njonje, gave the advice as he chaired the first council session dedicated to […]

New SW military commander commissioned

On Saturday, May 12, in Buea, the baton of command changed hands, with Colonel Njotsa David taking over fromGeneral Donatien Melingui Nouma as new head of the 21st Motorized Infantry Battalion. The many charges assigned to the new Commander include ensure discipline in the military sector, shunning the publication of military secrets on social media, […]

Refugees chased from Kumba grand stand

Another act from the epic drama that the Southern Cameroons crisis now represents was acted out at the Kumba Municipal Grandstand by a group of persons, mostly women fleeing from Difa, and Kake II under Kumba I Sub-Division after persistent gunfire in their vicinity last Wednesday and Thursday. In the mid hours of Friday May […]

Enemies of national cohesion

While the entire country was reveling in respite from the gangrenous war pitting Government forces against Southern Cameroons separatists provided by the now fallacious story of a woman who resurrected five years upon being pronounced dead after a caesarian section in Mbanga under Moungo Division in the Littoral Region, two important events caught this chronicler’s […]

Rotting poles tumble, gadgets, businesses crash

Inefficiency, lack of checks, renovation and innovation, poor maintenance and sustainability, and already dilapidating poles of the company in charge of electricity supply have greatly hampered the businesses of Buea denizens after a night of tempest which recently swept across the Southwest Region, during which old, rotten poles of the company crashing to the ground. […]