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Man rapes brother’s children to death

A man is currently behind bars at the Nkongsamba Gendarmerie brigade for allegedly raping his two nieces to death over the weekend. The children’s father had travelled out of town while their mother had gone for a night vigil on Friday, when Joel Tanko, 31, took advantage to commit his act, eyewitness at the Ngang […]

Inside the dark heart of personality cult

Penultimate Friday, the country was awash with news of a magic wand cabinet reshuffle, at least, from the perspective of CPDM cronies and official media. This is intriguing for an issue that had evoked no novelty in regard to its content or form although unlike in previous times, an element of surprise inhered in the […]

Motorbike ban cripples economy of Anglophone Regions

Inconsistency in Government policy is beginning to catch-up with its purveyors as an estimated 2,000 youths in the Northwest and the Southwest Regions whose fate had been tied to commercial motorcycle riding that even the Head of state had glorified as immediate solution to unemployment now face the possibility of a rudderless fate, following administrative […]

When a dog eats its own puppies

When a bitch begins to eat her own puppies you can tell one of three things is happening – famine has hit on a life-and-death scale, or she has lost control either of the litter, or she has lost her mind. Cameroon has become that weirdo of a bitch that is voraciously devouring its own […]

Dangote workers end strike action

Work has resumed at the Douala-based cement factory after a three-day strike action staged by drivers to denounce what they termed poor working conditions. Work only resumed on March 8, after authorities at the factory convinced the workers a solution would be found to their problems in the next 10 days (beginning the 08 March). […]

A crisis of sovereignty in Southern Cameroons and the United Kingdom

(An in-depth comparative analysis of the perennial struggle by the people of Southern Cameroons to wrestle their sovereignty after 158 years and the malign erosion of Britain’s sovereignty during her brief stay of 43 years in Europe.) By Ojong Clement Akem Minor infringements on British sovereignty provoked outrage and triggered BREXIT, whereas they have refused […]

Youth is the Moon

Youth! You’re not darkness but the moon that shines When laughter’s gone and wailing abounds. You’re the moon that shines when smiles are gone and only frowns,  clowns and coos abound. Youth! You’re the moon that shines when love and peace are gone and only hatred, hunger and anger abound. You’re the moon that shines […]