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Reporters counseled to uphold professional ethics

Visibly impressed by the product of a pioneering journalism effort that combines topicality and respect for ethical reporting incarnated by the The Rambler newspaper, Fako Divisional Delegate of Communication, Olive Ejang Tebug epse Ndumea has advised the crew of reporters behind the success story to remain principled in their practice despite obvious challenges. She was […]

Letter to Unknown Soldier

Dear Unknown Soldier, This letter is addressed to you because it is rightly assumed that you are the product of refinement through training and continuous mentoring. Unlike the ragtag terrorist agitators you are fighting, order is supposed to be ingrained in your personae. However, your recent presence in Manyu and Meme Divisions tend to invoke […]

Slain police elevated to knighthood

As consoling as it may sound, posthumous decorations are more often than not provocations to the families of recipients of such belated recognition by the state for valiant actions actualized during their lifetime. This seems to have been the case of Senior Inspector of Police, Menye Minkoulou Emmanuel, who was brutally murdered at the Kombone […]

Special Crimes Court mired in funds recovery failure

The inability of the Special Criminal Court to live up to its brief of adjudicating on and eventually recovering embezzled and/or misappropriated funds and other forms of corrupt practices perpetrated against the state, has led many concerned Cameroonians to begin worrying whether it has equally been cloaked in corruption, the cankerworms it had set out […]

Caught between assailants and bruised army

Unceasing and perilous gunshot exchanges between yet to be identified civilians and regular soldiers that more often than not leave casualties on both sides have kept the army on red alert in the Northwest Region since the beginning of the New Year. The last days of January witnessed several gunshots and civilian/military confrontations more than […]

Ganging up to rape justice

How can a system corrupt everything it touches? Words which elsewhere represent cardinal principles and sacred values are officially distorted and emptied of meaning in Cameroon. The phrase “State of Law” is one of them. Properly used, the State (with the definite article and capital S) refers to the Government of the nation – that […]

Calling on opposition parties and the electorate

Another election year has come upon us, even as those who were elected five years ago for Senators, Parliamentarians and Mayors   and, seven for the President of the Republic seem to be in wondering contemplation whether these past years have any basis in reality. The element of surprise emanates from a clear avowal of incapacity […]

Francophones are not the enemy

Be not derailed by the reckless rhetoric which seeks to pit Anglophones against Francophones in the ongoing conflict rocking Cameroon. We have posited in an earlier editorial, and still insist, that the name “Anglophone” is a misnomer for the people of Southern Cameroons. France and its vassal states can hold on to their francophone identity […]