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Of Nyamnding and professorial morons

That the regime in Etoudi corrupts almost everything it touches may now sound like a hackneyed song. But every passing day unfolds the proof thereof. Be it formally through its failed policies or informally through the daily deeds and utterances of its apologists, the regime never fails to demonstrate that if there is anything like […]

Hitch free FSLC written in Southwest

Amid insecurity characterised by abductions and gunfire exchanges that had cast dark clouds on the successful holding of end of year examinations in the Southwest Region in particular, the 2018 session of the First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC was written Monday June 12, hitchfree. Following a visit to some accommodation centres in the Region, Benoit […]

War triggers foodstuff price hikes

The festering internecine war pitting Southern Cameroon separatists against the Biya regime has triggered a pernicious fixture in the livelihoods of many inhabitants of the affected Northwest and Southwest Regions reflected in foodstuff price hikes. Food stuff including plantains, cocoyams, tapioca aka garri, tomatoes and melons have witnessed a steady price increase especially, in Kumba, […]

UB Science Faculty celebrates silver

Though with enormous challenges on their way to drumming 25 years of existence in the University of Buea, especially with the fast pace evolution of science in the developed and emerging countries, coupled with the complexity of nature and Cameroon’s feet dragging in the third world, the Faculty of Science still promises to hit emergence […]

Exotic dancers

You see a wench pass by on a busy street, and as she sashays down the lane, the men and boys with the instinct of hunting dogs will stare, with a snarl fantasizing about chunks of luscious flesh, packaged in a small delicate piece of cloth. Yeah! I am talking about the miniskirt, the short […]

Inside Aso Rock: The Day Abacha Died

Friday June 5, 1998, was a cool bright day. Before we left the Villa, the Press Corps was informed that the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, Yasser Arafat, would be making a brief stop-over at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, en route to Morocco. And he was expected to hold a brief discussion […]

MINHDU in search of prudent urbanization strategies

The fast developing rate of the Southwest Region and attendant problems that the phenomenon is likely to pose subsequently, is what prompted the Southwest Regional Delegation of Housing and Urban Development to organize a one day Regional consultations for the elaboration of the national urban policy for Cameroon aimed. It was aimed at carrying out […]

More ‘Anglophone terrorists’ to face military tribunal today

Just over a week after the Yaounde military court slammed heavy jail terms on seven Anglophone suspects, another batch of them is expected in court today. Five of them are being charged with secession, actions of terrorism, illegal possession of firearms, revolution and insurrection, amongst others. Abeng Gerald Ndam, Tamina Terence , Ignatius MbendeWenda, Braidnard […]