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EDITORIAL: 9/22 Eruption: As the lava cools

September 22 is henceforth a marble milestone on Southern Cameroons’ political desert trail.  It was a day of self-discovery. Like the Lion of Oz who roared so loud that he scared himself, the entire population of Southern Cameroons shouted “enough” so loud that they could not believe their own ears. In one of the many […]

Who’s setting schools, public property ablaze?

Despite the massive deployment of soldiers with legal instruments of violence in tow in school campuses and elsewhere West of the Mungo, incidents of arson especially on schools infrastructure still persist. This has left many a Cameroonian wondering especially, as no one has been able to say with exactitude why, how and who is perpetrating […]

Infusing realism into governance

Finally, it is dawning on Government that brute force as means of securing acquiescence from those, whose sovereign will had, in the first place, brought into being its existence is anachronistic and redundant in civilized skies. Adjunctive to the above assertion, is uplifting elixir from watching images and news commentaries pertaining to last Friday’s multiple […]

How to rescue Cameroon from ‘Methuselah’ leadership

Attoh Moutchia, founder of the National Youth and Labour Congress, NYLC, lives in New Jersey, United States of America. Moutchia is a Pan-Cameroonian. He opts for “devolution of powers.” He and The Rambler Publisher were agreed during a recent informal chat that certain political “Iscariots” were all out, preparing ingredients of geo-ethnic discord, rancour and […]

State draws curtains on prelates’ legal drama

The legal dust recently [deliberately] raised by the state ostensibly to cow Prelates of the Catholic Dioceses of English speaking Cameroon and the Moderator of the PCC has settled even before it could becloud the intended victims. A Buea Magistrate’s Court yesterday discontinued the matter, based on a ‘nolle prosequi’ accruing from the Minister of […]

Catholic Church upholds right to education and life

The decision by authorities of the Catholic Diocese of Buea and elsewhere was largely expected. A foretaste of what is likely going to befall the Region and by extension operational schools within it was witnessed during last Friday’s protest action. The Our Lady of Grace Secondary School, Muyuka was attacked and vandalized. Students here barely […]

Mass uprising uncovers breadth, unanimity of wrath against oppression

Another dimension has been added to the smoldering Anglophone crisis in Cameroon resulting from spontaneous and simultaneous protest marches embarked upon Friday, September 22, 2017 by everyone else, including septuagenarians and octogenarians across the Northwest and Southwest Regions, demanding autonomy and emancipation from the shackles of consistent and systematic oppression. Every nook and cranny of […]