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The new addiction dubbed mobile phones

By Buma Bronhilda Wasa* The effect is palpable even if ominous. The victim is usually seen in front of a television screen, or near a radio set and sometimes even in conversation with an interlocutor. However, their attention is not on what they are watching or listening to but on their mobile phone which they […]

‘Mount Mary’ Hospital treating, consoling war victims

By Baliki Marie Eta & Nembo Jenifer Nagai* When the diocese of Buea created the Mount Mary Hospital in Lower Farms Buea, little did it know that this otherwise private and secluded health outfit was to become a source of succour to aggrieved Cameroonians. However, with the advent of the crisis pitting Anglophone separatists against […]

War and divorce: Two sides of a coin

By Buma Bronhilda Wasa* Cameroon is presently fighting a war against secession as a result of which thousands of families have been split, divorced so to speak. Countless women are found in the bushes, cut off from their spouses and in certain cases children and wards. The war has pushed men into inadvertently fleeing into […]

Dion Ngute’s rendezvous with fate

 By Ngoko Monyadowa Like his father with whom he shares everything except skin complexion; God has not endowed Cameroon’s Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute with towering physical presence. However, what he lacks in terms of stature is vastly noticeable in out-of-proportion intelligence and sense of humour that make him good company any time, […]

Death snatches Anglophone socialites

During the past three years, thousands of precious Cameroonian lives have been lost to a foolish, avoidable war. But last week death came naturally to a good number of socialites and elder statesmen. Barrister Bernard Acho Muna, son of Solomon Tandeng Muna, one time West Cameroon Prime Minister and Vice President of the Federated states […]

Why the gamble to leave Cameroon is growing

*By Akateh Prudencia, Nana Marinette, Ewange Njenge Brenda, Sone Nelly, Ashu Pertra,  Akoh Maxsmile, Oteh Chantal, Tambia Roline and Che Vanisa Millions of Cameroonians, leaders included, are ready to run away for one reason or the other. They are seeking comfort, safety and economic security abroad. Recently, safety in every sense of the word has […]

UNDP to promote financial inclusion in Cameroon

By Beng Humphrey Fang Unimpressed by the low level of participation by youths, women and the physically challenged people in most communities nationwide, the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, has signed a partnership agreement with three micro finance institutions in Cameroon. Signed at the Yaoundé Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the agreement seeks […]