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Where are we?

So, the new football season is beginning with the hitches characteristic of what some people will describe as bungling amateurism. Several questions come to mind when one observes the ongoing drama with stranger than fiction characters. When the Bohemian discussed the football realities this side of Heaven with some well meaning people in the land […]

Erratic mayor grounds business in Buea

Lawlessness is certainly not the preserve of notorious criminals or jailbirds. This assertion has recently been ascribed credence by Buea Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge, who has decided that the wrath from his inability to wrestle Ambazonian separatists to a standstill on the issue of suffocating ghost-towns, has to fall on businessmen and cab drivers. To […]

Taxi drivers will work on Mondays if security is assured

Taxi drivers have recently been caught in the web of Separatist fighters (their cars burnt) and Government officials (taxis impounded) whether or not they ply the road on Monday. It is in this light that taxi drivers in Buea have reaffirmed their decision to work on Mondays only if their security would be guaranteed. They […]

Poverty, insecurity, lawlessness crippling Cameroon

The biting poverty currently being experienced in Cameroon in general and the two English speaking Regions in particular is without doubt an offshoot of the regime’s decision to go to war instead of parleying. Following this war project is palpable insecurity, lawlessness and impunity across the board. The average English speaking Cameroonian is caught in […]

Military brutality getting out of hand

It is no longer news that the military assaults or even kill civilians in the Anglophone part of the country for very incomprehensible reasons; what is strange is the fact that, they no longer molest only the energetic young men but just anybody. They now accuse just anyone of being an accomplice of their opponents; […]

Anglophone journalists mistaken, branded as spies

Journalists in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country greatly hit by the ongoing Anglophone crisis, say it is gradually becoming almost impossible for them to do their job effectively and efficiently. They revealed their ordeals to this reporter on Thursday, January 24 in Buea. They say they are facing trials from many fronts; […]

156 athletes participates in Mt. Cameroon test race

156 athletes from all 10 Regions of Cameroon have taken part in the first test race in preparation for the 24th edition of the ‘Mount Cameroon Race of Hope; scheduled for February 23, this year. The race on Saturday January 19 which kicked started at 7:20am saw all participants taking part in one category from […]

Power gear shifts at SONARA

Personnel and other stakeholders of Cameroon’s lone refining company, SONARA, are easily credited with succeeding over the years in shifting every precise gear with the utmost care and with a view to sustaining the sterling industrial qualities with which the enterprise is noted. But when the gears shifted last week, it happened administratively. Managerial power […]

The February 11 challenge

While Government is battling to bring to a halt the imposed ‘ghost town’ days in the two English speaking Regions, the Youth Day celebration which is fast approaching imposes a double challenge for them to combat with as it falls on Monday; a day observed as ‘ghost town.’ Unlike the previous years when taxis could […]