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Buea mayor controversial even in death

*By Nzo Esther Nzo, Enongene Lerise Mbulle & Melvine Welisanes Badmouthing says it is good riddance while those whose interests he served whether at the party or individual level, see in his demise the crumbling of an inimitable bulwark against lawlessness in the city of Buea, in particular and, the Southwest region in general. Whatever […]

Buea council changes guards at eve of elections

He reportedly stayed loyal and obedient to the boss who is of late today. He stayed on track, playing second fiddle to the boss for political expediency. He is not known to have rocked the boat; not even once. Rather he worked strictly for whatever purpose the Late Patrick Ekema Esunge stood for. He did […]

Good wine needs no bush’

By Ngouadjio Rosita Good wine needs no bush is a common English expression which simply translates to the fact that a good product is self advertizing. Saparatists have been waging a rather brutal war that targets certain goods perceived by them to be produced by “foreign enemy” interests. Naturally, one would have expected the producers […]

BOHEMIAN DICTUMS Living in filth

By Winston LEBGA    In Nelson Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, the South African statesman writes, ‘It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails’. Have you ever been inside the buildings that pass for the penitentiary in this land of glory? Someone referred to them as […]

Prostitution: Scourge or source of solace

BY MBAH MARIE TIMBEN, MBANCHIG SHARON ENGOE Some refer to it as the oldest profession in the world and see no reason why it should not be legalized and a professional deontology affixed to its practice as it is the case in some advanced countries. Others, especially governments in developing countries and religious bodies see […]

Licensed to drive, receive bribe or kill?

By Buma Bronhilda Wasa* The road network is generally very poor. License issuing officials are largely money minded and hardly bother about who is licensed to drive on these death traps called Cameroonian roads. Other officials of the Transport Ministry charged with checking driving habits alongside gendarmes are to say the very least morally bankrupt. […]

Buea gets Ekema replacement

By Atembeh Ngewung Lordfred Just three days after the startling demise of the Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick Esunge, Dr. Efande John Lyonga has been appointed by the Fako SDO, Emmanuel Engamba Ledoux to fill the empty mayoral seat.  Dr. Efande who was appointed on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, will serve as interim mayor for 60 […]

Yet another promise to build Limbe deep seaport

By Francis Tim Mbom  The General Manager of the National Ports Authority, Mr Josue Youmba, has for the umpteenth time given assurance that the construction of the Limbe Deep-sea port will soon be a reality. Mr Youmba made this latest promise of a deep seaport on behalf of the Government in Limbe on Tuesday, October […]