Armoured car By

By Winston LEBGA

It is easy to spot these strange military vehicles crisscrossing the Northwest region. The Bohemian has noticed these vans employed for certain special conditions where typical vehicles will not be able to cope. They are designed in such a way that they provide the highest quality of security in order to ensure the safety of the people and valuables involved. The bohemian has heard that they can sustain not only direct fire from sophisticated rifles but also those weapons that fire armour piercing projections.

   It is in these military armoured vehicles that big shots travel to the various divisional headquarters of the Northwest shouting out the back-to-school mantra. From members of government to administrative top brass, they cry out with ululations that appear to be conversations or is it the other way round? Their tone of conversation swings between friendly hostility and playful contempt. So, how would the commoner hearken to the call without an armoured fighting vehicle to take him and his progeny to and from school, or should it be her and her child?  The back-to-school campaigners point to the commoners as those in whose hands the possibility of school resumption in the Northwest lies. This because according to the argument put forth, the people are harbouring suspected secessionist fighters and are not willing to provide the intelligence required to finish off the militants. By virtue of this argument, the people are the ones who do not want their kids back in the school campus for the new school year and the people are the ones putting the future of their progeny in jeopardy.

   It is the poor man’s child who will not be in school, it is the poor man who is in the line of fire and it is because of the poor man that some picked up arms in the name of a liberation struggle that has made many poor people even poorer and have become refugees, some politely called internally displaced persons. It is in the guise of defenders of the poor man and woman that fighting is going on. But the poor man has no gun and has never sat in an armoured car. His dream of his children becoming great people on account of their education is fast becoming a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never to be attained. The rich and powerful are fighting, but their kids are not in the Northwest or Southwest regions. It is the commoner’s kid who is expected to challenge the gun toting dunces and go to school, a mantra that stinks of political undertones and void of any strand of academia. The liberators are proving their point to those in charge, some say it is a toddling step in a misdirected approach. They are keeping matters dark, as someone would say, they believe would keep the adversary perplexed and uncomfortable. But, for how long?

  After contemplating the future of this land of our forefathers where people are fleeing the Northwest and Ambazonia godfathers have sounded the bugle for battle by insisting on a total lockdown, and have fired the first salvo to announce the new battle against mainstream education, I, the Bohemian of Abakwa born on the last day of the month in the land of the proud people, this day declare:

 The “grand katika” of this giant gambling house has to seriously consider putting an end to the mayhem and move from mere rhetoric about peace and dialogue to concrete acts that will help Cameroonians love themselves, live together and share the milk from the national cow equitably. If not, then we can settle and wait for this gunpowder keg to be ignited and for the veritable time bomb to tick down to its massive explosion. If that happens, poor people will not be alone in weeping over spilled blood and the armoured car might not be capable of doing the job. Well, self-styled revolutionaries turned political choirboys are beating the drums of self-indulgence at the expense of confused people whom they purport to be liberating from a confederacy of dunces who are running short of steam, running short of energy and are running on empty. And the poor people wish they too could be provided with an armoured car.

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