The Bohemian has listened to experts about peace, conflict resolution, dialogue and the need for unity, integration and the recurring theme in many news reports; living together. Where are the people who have humungous certificates decorating the walls of their houses, certifying that they successfully completed higher courses in peace studies, conflict resolution and human resources? I tell you, you can castrate an elephant but how do you open the legs?

Well, many highly opinionated self-proclaimed experts have been bickering with each other on TV and radio shows about dialogue, discussing history and politics with what some describe as distorted facts. People are confused with tons and tons of confusion because of the notoriously verbose explanations. If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. Bob Marley said the truth is that everyone is going to hurt you: you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.

The Northwest region of Cameroon enjoys many nicknames, with this one being the favourite among the bohemian’s cousins, who have their placentas buried in places east of the Mungo bridge: the Region of the gentlemen.

Where are the gentlemen nowadays? Gun wielding masqueraders are running riot with laws that carry the warning of death to anyone who dares to defy these lawmakers and their kangaroo courts. Security operatives and their armour plated vehicles survey the area, on red alert, ready to pounce on any suspicious looking person.

Only two Sub-Divisions enjoy the semblance of what is generally understood to be normalcy in the Northwest, where there are gunshots, brutal killings and overbearing calls for ‘ghost town’ operations that have impoverished the populace. The Bohemian has heard that this volcano is yet to erupt. There is fear and panic stricken parents look upon their kids, especially the toddlers and wonder what future is reserved for the little people growing in this land of warring factions and tribal hatreds.

School authorities, administrators, instructors, pupils, parents and guardians are under siege with regards to the quest for education.  The New Year has come, carrying along the old fears as well as time honoured cries of caution and shouts of discomfort from the citizenry. Revolutionaries don the garb of oppression, those identified as oppressors adopt the language and diction of saints. The wolves and the sheep have different dance patterns but they are dancing to the same tune. The more you look at the sheep, the more you think you are looking at the wolves and vice versa.

So, after considering the issues, I, the Bohemian of Abakwa, born on the last day of the month, in the land of the proud people by the shores of the Atlantic, this day declare; we have been living together for as long as we have been together, the question is, and do we eat together?  We seem to remember our linguistic, cultural, tribal, political and religious differences when food is set on the table. We are men and people, not animals. When there is ‘food,’ why is it so difficult to share? I believe the New Year 2019, should usher in a new wave. Brethren, set the table and call out, let’s break bread.


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