In my humble opinion, we have not opened our eyes and hearts to the pain and desperation of a baffled society.Even the church has become a tool of oppression and ruin.
It appears the church thrives on hypocrisy and that man’s carnal nature will come out, no matter how much it is purged or scourged by any white light religion.
How can a pastor indulge his passion for indulgence by having intercourse with a bevy of beauties in his congregation, to the point of impregnating a good number of them? The Bohemian learnt that among them are six married women. How did Sango Pastor carry out this unorthodox method of spreading the good news – and since when did the gospel become synonymous to legs? Which one did the women spread, when this hoodlum asked them to go and spread the word?
Many who are desperate for some ardent glory have infiltrated the flock and are preaching what is now being referred to as “the prosperity gospel” that is preaching to enrich themselves. Others are duping people in God’s name and mostly the poor. The problem ridden ones go to these new age prophets who use and abuse them, rob them and disappear.
Those in search of some drama, join these movements, some of which are occult organizations, singing at the top of their voices, at times disturbing neighbourhoods, joining the rhubarb of abracadabra which they call, “talking in tongues” with their ever dramatic sermons full of testimonies, prophecies and casting out demons. Homes have been broken, many have rebelled because of some of these charismatic orators who shout on the pulpit bullying all to submission.

So, I the Bohemian of Abakwa, born on the last day of the month, by the shores of the Atlantic in the land of the proud people, this day declare; since worship of fleshly things produces pleasure, there would be a temple of glorious indulgence. Isn’t it said that only by experiencing darkness, do we appreciate light? On Sunday night, men will be lusting after half naked girls dancing in bars and Karaoke joints and on Sunday morning, you will see the same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next week-end, they’ll be back in a bar or some other place of indulgence with the same purpose in mind, to hit on the naked beauties and drink their souls away. In this jungle, we are all wolves.
By Winston Lebga

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