CAF inspection team leaves hope in Southwest Region

Even as some shortcomings relating to absence of regular water supply and poor maintenance of existing infrastructure in stadia had been signaled as some of the hitches the visiting CAF inspection team was going to be grappling with during their visit to the Southwest Region, the obvious camaraderie and acquiescence to explanations proffered by Cameroonian officials all point to a fait accompli quitus to Cameroon’s hosting of next year’s CAF football jamboree.

CAF team saluting officials after completing field tour

After inspecting stadia and other facilities in relation to hosting of next year’s African football jamboree, AFCON 2019 in Yaounde, Bafoussam and Garoua, CAF inspection team headed by Ishmael Wally visited the Southwest Region Wednesday, January 17, and ended their tour at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium Thursday January 18, where they spent more than an hour peering into every facility given that it is the main playing field.

At the Buea Town Municipal Stadium, the field was adjudged small after the team had measured its dimension while also taking into consideration the quality of the turf and other facilities. The same action was replicated at the Molyko Stadium.

While in Limbe, they visited hotels, Limbe Omnisport Stadium Annex including Centenary and Middle Farms Stadiums meant for training. At the end of the inspection the entourage had a joint reception in Limbe and at the end with smiles on their faces, the CAF officials bade farewell with to Southwest Governor and other officials. Their assessment is yet to be communicated.

Comic relief

On day two of the delegation’s tour, while the entourage was on its way to the Limbe Omnisport Stadium, the convoy was interrupted at Mile Four, where an allegedly mentally deranged man threw a stone at the convoy. However, when the Presidential Guards accompanying the delegation descended to arrest him, he threw away the marble he was holding and greeted them in military style. This incident caused a commotion as he, unfortunately, received some slaps and was carried to the Limbe Omnisport Stadium after which he was given some instructions which he followed meticulously. His actions made those present to doubt if he was mentally okay or pretending. After several pleas and calls for him not to be taken to Yaoundé, the forces carried him out of the stadium. It is however, alleged he was taken to a nearby police station in Limbe for interrogation.

By Relindise Ebune





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