GCE Board autonomy shattered

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, CGCEB now has a new Board of Directors Chair as well as new Registrar. While Prof. Ivo Leke Tambo replaces Prof. Peter Abeti as Board Chairman, Dang Dominick Ako, takes over from Dr. Ekema Humphrey Monono as Registrar.

Both men were appointed on Tuesday, January 30, and Wednesday January 31 by separate Prime Ministerial Orders.

The appointments have put paid to months and, even years of politicking and attempts to jettison unwritten gentleman’s agreement relating to rules of succession at the helm between functionaries of the Northwest and the Southwest Regions.

Monono and Abeti are being relieved of their functions after unconstitutionally being in office for more than a decade, contrary to the institution’s statutes. Officially, the registrar has a three-year office term, renewable twice; meaning after every three years, the post of registrar is up for grabs and may be advertised by the Chairman of the Board for interested candidates to apply.

Now that there has been change of guards at the education board, many are hoping that like their predecessors, they will put in their all to maintain the statuesque of the Board. It is also expected that the duo would use their profound educational experiences to ensure the independence and efficiency of the GCE Board.

Prof. Leke Tambo hails from Lewoh in Lebialem Division, Southwest Region. He has served in various capacities, rising from primary school teacher to University Professor. He was also, for 10 unbroken years, Secretary General in the Ministries of Basic and Secondary Education prior to his retirement.

Dang Dominick Ako is from Menchum Division of the Northwest Region. Upon graduation from the University of Yaounde, in 1982, he immediately embarked on a career in the Examinations Department of the then all-encompassing Ministry of National Education, a circumstance that has made him a very square peg in a square hole in his current appointment.

GCE Board’s wings clipped?

A handful of direct interests and hangers-on are certainly celebrating the changes at the GCE Board, Yet, underlying such celebrations is a hidden potent blow that the GCE Board has been dealt and which has, tacitly watered down the examination body’s powers and ability to uphold the values of typical Anglo-Saxon like educational system.

Under laid down terms, the GCE Board members should have met in conclave, deliberated and had one of their choice appointed to the position of Registrar. This wasn’t the case in the recent exercise. The PM merely appointed the new head without due process. And from the look of things, the autonomy of the Board has been lost to Yaounde, given that it is, from every indication been made to become a department in the Ministry of Secondary Education.

By Nester Asonganyi


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