UB VC counsels freshmen; shun vices, hug studies

The event could not have been otherwise than representing a replay of what must have been UB Vice Chancellor Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga’s experience some 37 years ago as freshman of the University of Lagos in Nigeria, in archetypal Anglo-Saxon tradition. As replication therefore, over 6,000 newly matriculated students of the University of Buea, UB, have been told to stay disciplined, focused on their academic duties and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga was speaking recently in Buea while matriculating the 25thnewly admitted batch of students into the University.

“You must shun habits like drunkenness, theft, sexual promiscuity, corruption.Please don’t be part of those who hide on social media to propagate inimical information to the growth of this university. Your watchwords should be discipline, hard work and respect of the rules and regulations that govern this institution,” the VC counseled.

He told them that the university world is a race which they will need their health, energy and financial resources to win. Prof. Ngomo said they should redouble efforts in order to graduate from the university with their heads high.

“Excellence does not come from spending 24 hours daily in the library or praying 12 hours a day; all-night vigil or spending all your time on social media; or being an all-time night clubber or partying all-week.  The amount of time you spend on your books should be balanced by that spent on social engagements and other forms of social learning.”

Given that it was the VC’s first batch of matriculation after his appointment, he named them‘The Vice-Chancellor Batch.’He said as a result, they are expected to be true ambassadors who will safeguard and improve on the reputation of the institution. Prof. Ngomo assured the students that the university will do its best to protect their interests.

Delivering an academic discourse to the students, Prof. Giselle Morfaw told them they were now masters of their own destinies. “Be assiduous, inquisitive and enthusiastic. You are here because you understand that you don’t know and want to know. You must be organized because it is the key to success,” she told them.

The Professor of Mathematics reminded the students that they were the pillars of the nation and as such, in all they do, they must strive for excellence.

The matriculated students promised to heed to all the advice given them. According to one of them, Lesley Rian Awah, they have learned so much. “We have been given advice and objectives.The VC has told us the things to do in order to obtain these objectives. Classes have already begun and we are doing all it takes to attain these objectives,” Awah said.

Students still on Mayor’s fake credentials

Some students used the occasion to remind the powers that be about the fake certificate still in the possession of the Mayor of Buea. Moris Orock, a postgraduate student in the Department of Law expatiated why they were still carrying placards against Ekema.

“This is a demonstration we have been at for a long time now pertaining to the fact that the Mayor of Buea has fake credentials in his keeping which are not just affecting the University of Buea but Cameroon in general. The last time the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, was here for the VC’s installation, he promised us he was going to see into those fake certificates of the mayor and how he will be brought to book. Today, we are here to remind the VC and the Pro-Chancellor to help us see that all our pleas of retrieving Mayor Ekema’s fake certificates come to pass.”

By Nester Asonganyi

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