Momo ACCOUNTS: Keeping your money closer to you or scammers?

*By Ewange Njenge Brenda, Enongene Lerise Mbulle, Tabe Clemantine and Narenga Lizzette Besides life, money is arguably the next thing most treasured by mankind. Money is practically imprisoned in vaults and strong houses not because it has been found guilty and is serving a term but because it must be kept safe from thieves and […]

Licensed to drive, receive bribe or kill?

By Buma Bronhilda Wasa* The road network is generally very poor. License issuing officials are largely money minded and hardly bother about who is licensed to drive on these death traps called Cameroonian roads. Other officials of the Transport Ministry charged with checking driving habits alongside gendarmes are to say the very least morally bankrupt. […]

Yet another promise to build Limbe deep seaport

By Francis Tim Mbom  The General Manager of the National Ports Authority, Mr Josue Youmba, has for the umpteenth time given assurance that the construction of the Limbe Deep-sea port will soon be a reality. Mr Youmba made this latest promise of a deep seaport on behalf of the Government in Limbe on Tuesday, October […]

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