World Bank life line for Northwest Region

By JEAN MARIE NGONG SONG Prevalent anguish from economic hardship in the Northwest Region, now aggravated by current political upheavals, might soon witness solace, judging by the anticipated impact of FCFA 400 million World Bank project, Safety Net, on farmers in Ngoketunjia, Boyo, and Menchum Divisions. A thousand poor people from each of the five […]

Bad road may ‘divorce’ Ndian from Cameroon

Ascending euphoria, hitherto, inherent in villagers residing along the Kumba-Ekondo-Titi road subsequent to the commencement of construction work by aTunisian contractor, is now suffering accelerating decline, commensurate with the drudgery drivers and passengers endure from mud strewn and poorly drained tracks, threatening to cut off Ndian Division from Cameroon. Traveling along Kumba – Ekondo-Titi road […]

PAMOL PLANTATION: ‘Nile’ of Ndian Division, heartbeat of agric research

The Nile and PAMOL Plantations share many similarities. The Nile is the longest River in the world. The common belief is that there would be no Egypt if there was no Nile. Egypt, a Northern African nation, with extremely rich historical and religious antecedents, derives most of its economic potentials, viz; touristic, agricultural and navigational […]

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