Some 20 kidney patients out of over 60 patients undergoing periodic dialysis at the Bamenda Hemodialysis Centre have reminded the office of the Northwest Governor that they do not want to die early.

The despondent patients made their position known on Wednesday, October 12, during an emergency visit to the Governor’s office. Among other issues raised, the obsolete nature of machines, complete breakdown, epileptic supply of electricity, lack of a standby generator and a stabilizer featured prominently as factors eminent in grounding the Hemodialysis centre, catering to over 60 patients with […]

Shocking nonchalance in health sector

It has always been said that health is wealth, and if it is, why is it not given the attention and nobility it deserves? It is disheartening to see a solemn issue like health handled the way it is done in Cameroon. As a matter of fact, every riffraff who can rattle the names of certain drugs has the laxity […]

2 children killed in Limbe house fire

Two little girls aged 2 and 7 were burnt to death in a fire outbreak that reduced their Coconut Island home to cinders on Wednesday night, October 8. Eyewitness reports say the blaze was triggered by a power surge which followed one in a series of blackouts that evening. The children were at home on their own as their mother, a bar attendant at Las Vegas drinking […]

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