Meme celebrates World Red Cross Day, assists displaced persons

The Meme Divisional chapter of the Red Cross on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, joined its counterparts across the world in celebration of World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. In Kumba, close to a hundred volunteers converged on their Divisional headquarter office at Buea Road to commemorate the day. Messages from the various speakers all […]

Foolish war ripping Cameroon apart!

It started with a handful of “the nation’s leaders” declaring that it is anathema to as much as dream of changing the constitutional architecture of Cameroon. Bogus reasons were advanced. “Founding fathers’” wishes were exhumed and spread out as reason why even at the risk of being killed by selfish parochial interests, Cameroon must remain […]

Ignorance, negligence, killing many

The sophistication of current life trends has been such that following up on how and why individuals indulge in particular lifestyles remains a daunting feat. What people eat and drink, what they rub and spray their bodies with, all impinge on their life spans. Hence going to the hospital is increasingly losing its allure, having […]

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