Ignorance, negligence, killing many

The sophistication of current life trends has been such that following up on how and why individuals indulge in particular lifestyles remains a daunting feat. What people eat and drink, what they rub and spray their bodies with, all impinge on their life spans. Hence going to the hospital is increasingly losing its allure, having […]

Army kills Ndian woman, wounds others

A civilian (a woman) was reported killed and others seriously injured in Bekora Barombi, Ndain Division, after the military invaded the village, shooting indiscriminately about a week ago. The Rambler gathered that the outright prohibition of the circulation of motor bikes even during the day sparked social tension in this part of the country. We […]

Man rapes brother’s children to death

A man is currently behind bars at the Nkongsamba Gendarmerie brigade for allegedly raping his two nieces to death over the weekend. The children’s father had travelled out of town while their mother had gone for a night vigil on Friday, when Joel Tanko, 31, took advantage to commit his act, eyewitness at the Ngang […]

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