Car in minister’s convoy kills kid

While on the tour, an unfortunate incident occurred whereby one of the cars in the Minister’s convoy, CA 0957 D knocked down an eight-year old girl whose name The Rambler got as Beckly Anto Tiguh,  at Mabonji, one of the villages along the Muyuka-Kumba stretch of road.

The little girl, who was hurriedly rushed to the Kumba District Hospital for medical attention unfortunately, gave up the ghost on arrival.

It was not established whether it was the driver or the child who was at fault, even though going by a bystander’s account, the car was being driven at break-neck speed.

Family members claim that she was knocked down on the pedestrian path, contrary to claims that she was distracted by a handset which she was manipulating at the time of the accident. Probably out of fright, the driver who hit the child did not immediately signal others until the convoy arrived Barombi Kang, the first village into Kumba and the Minister was being welcomed to Kumba by excited CPDM party adherents. At GBPS Kumba-Mbeng she got the news that the child had died and immediately, she re-directed part of her convoy to the Kumba Districts Hospital to console with the deceased family.

The Minister’s trip was thus stopped impromptu. She and the entire entourage expressed sincere regrets and immediately condoled with the family at the Meme Senior Divisional Office after visiting the hospital. The Basic Education Boss could not continue her tour to other schools in Meme as preplanned, given that she was devastated by the incident and so left for Bamenda through Mamfe after the routine condolences.


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