Himalayans privilege Bamenda with library and health center

Himalayans in Bamenda

After Kumbo where the NGO-Himalayan Institute of Cameroon has since 2007 been dispensing humanitarianism in the domain of health and education, Bamenda capital of the North West is presently being treated to same humanitarian gesture. This is prior to the inauguration of a library and health center at Sama῾s Care Azire on Friday November 11th 2017 by the Himalayan Institute of Cameroon.

Ten years after establishing its headquarters in Kumbo, the HI reckoned it was time to begin extending the scope of its good will beginning with Bamenda. They have opened a library with over 6,000.000 books and a health center that would welcome patients and entertain those who come for body checkup during consultation. These services would be dispensed at the premises of Sama῾s Care (an NGO) which the HI is a partner to. In his inaugural speech, the president of Himalayan Institute Joseph Shey Chemson was poised that “today the Himalayan Institute Cameroon in partnership with Sama῾s care is proud to open this new library and Health Branch Center for the people of Bamenda as a way to share the institutes fourth branch center in the North West  region each of which conforms to the policies and practices of the main center, Library and total Health Center at our headquarters in Kumbo” He explained that the mission of the facilities is to promote preventive health care, literacy, vocational training and micro enterprise initiatives which would promote health, educational advancement, and economic empowerment. Partakers at the event were predominantly youths. They were allowed to view the kind of books and medications made available by the HI. Books of different types including fiction, nonfiction, psychology, sociology, literature, science, health, novels, children books, family books, religion, spirituality and curricular books was brought to the knowledge of the public. The public was also made to know that the health center offers treatment basically on drugs processed from natural plants and organisms. Medicines that work for skin rashes, energy boosters, respiratory infection, brain and memory enhancers and toxic removals was also exposed to the public’s view. The chief executive Officer of Sama῾s care Mr. Ngwana Sama  whom the library and health facility has been entrusted spoke with emphasis that “the library is a powerful weapon that can change the society positively and therefore our vision is to build this culture so that tomorrow, history would record that this community library has been the area where by resources were gotten, knowledge acquired and Cameroon was built to be a Cameroon where everyone would like to live in.”

He  frowned on the issue where reading in Cameroon is purportedly tied down to curricular books and preparation for exams which is greatly limiting knowledge.  He thus vowed to implement programs that would catch the attention of people in informal sectors such as housewives, bike riders, mechanics, farmers and black smiths where the culture of reading is largely absent.

Stakeholders of the newly inaugurated institute said they would offer facilities at affordable prices. Registration for access to the library ranges from FCFA 500 to FCFA 2000 depending on the age group and social background. Partakers at the launching ceremony left with satisfaction and a zeal to revisit Sama῾s care for the said services they render.

By Mildred Ndum Wung Kum

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