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Governor’s ‘marching order’ divides chiefs

When he barked out the “marching order” some two weeks back,…

The negotiation PM - Can he fix the damage?

The appointment of Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute as PM is strategic…

Why they are fuelling a war without end

Prior to and on December 31, 2018 many Cameroonians were…

Firebombs now rule Meme!

Mounting tension in the vicinities of KwaKwa and Nake along Kumba/Mbonge…

Will Buhari deliver ‘big Ambazonia catch’ to Biya?

This question may be answered within hours, weeks or months.…

End impunity, cut the losses

The news from Nigeria has been heartening. The military tribunal…

UB VC counsels freshmen; shun vices, hug studies

The event could not have been otherwise than representing a replay…

Kamto perceives warmonger in Biya

The simmering Anglophone crisis has occasioned glaring confusion…


May 20, CDC and the rest of us

May 20 is Cameroon’s National Day. The day was begotten of a 1972 referendum. Then, the nation’s identity changed from ‘Federal Republic of Cameroon’ to ‘United Republic of Cameroon.’ Controversially, on February 4, 1984, “United” was abruptly peeled from the name. It was seen by most people of English speaking expression as a socio-cultural yarn […]