Buea gets Ekema replacement

By Atembeh Ngewung Lordfred

Just three days after the startling demise of the Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick Esunge, Dr. Efande John Lyonga has been appointed by the Fako SDO, Emmanuel Engamba Ledoux to fill the empty mayoral seat.  Dr. Efande who was appointed on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, will serve as interim mayor for 60 days, why waiting on municipal elections, to vote a new mayor.

The new interim mayor was the second deputy mayor under the late Mayor Ekema’s administration in 2013, but was promoted to First Deputy Mayor on July 27, 2019 following the dismissal of Motomby Mbome, by the deceased Mayor Ekema Patrick. With the political upheaval rocking the now “City of Excellence” Buea, the interim mayor may have a huge task awaiting him.

What most denizens are eager to observe, is the approach by which the new mayor will use in tackling major upheavals in the Buea municipality, most especially the “ghost towns” which Ekema fought to his grave. The Buea public also remains anxious to see if Dr. Efande John is a replica of their former Mayor, who broke into shops, sealed and promised hell to all business operators who respected the “ghost towns” or if he will take a more legal and humane approach in solving the crisis. Commercial bike riders on their part, are also uncertain if the new mayor could give them a chance to work normally, after years of being banned by the deceased mayor, but still bribing and dodging military men along the streets, to make a living.

The new interim will perform his first official duty as mayor on Thursday, November 7, 2019 during the installation of the new Divisional officer for Buea, which will take place at the Buea Independence Square.

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