Fru Ndi moves to Yaounde: May join Assembly disruption drama if…

Fru Ndi, SDF Chair

The drama that has been unfolding in the National Assembly, affectionately, called Glass House, occasioned by the stand-off pitting Social Democratic Front, SDF parliamentarians who see first steps to resolving the current Anglophone crisis in the matter being tabled for discussion on the floor of the Glass House against an unyielding House Speaker who sees anathema in any such move, has set turmoil within the SDF party. Not ready to be outdone, Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman has embarked on an impromptu journey to Yaounde for intervention. He declared his intention to The Rambler on Monday, November 27, some few minutes before setting out on his apparent journey of support to his party members in parliament.

Fru Ndi has said he is going to lend a hand to the MPs if necessary. “The CPDM is bent not to solve the problem but that does not disturb the SDF activities. I am going to Yaounde today. I would be there for a few days to monitor what is happening so that if necessary I would lend them a hand,” he declared.  The SDF chair has been worried that his MPs are inconsistent; some have been boycotting parliament and later reappearing, others have been resigning on social media and by word of mouth. He was clear that “The party has not instructed SDF parliamentarians to resign. SDF parliamentarians cannot be resigning from parliament on their own. If they have to resign, they would have to go and resign on the floor of parliament but the party has not instructed its parliamentarians to resign. People do not resign by word of mouth.

“I, as the party Chairman, have not received any letter of resignation from anyone proclaiming resignation. Secondly, they don’t have the right to resign because they never took themselves to parliament. They were sent to parliament by their constituencies. One or two people from the Diasporas or a group of misguided youths cannot tell them to resign and they just resign like that. They owe allegiance to their constituencies and not to a group of people or individuals who ask them to resign. Some even called me to resign so you see how misguided they are by calling me to resign. If they want me to resign from the SDF, let them come to the SDF Convention and vote me out.” Quizzed on future predictions as concerns upcoming parliamentary elections, Fru Ndi spoke with despair. “The future looks bleak because Mr. Biya is not willing to resolve the issue and you cannot force elections in the face of the crises crumbling the country. We have problems in the Far North, North and even Adamawa is not very stable. There is also the Northwest and Southwest. If you have five of your Regions that are not stable for people to go out on campaigns for elections and you are pushing people to go and campaign for elections, how do we do our campaign?”

He reemphasized the political ideology of the party. “The SDF from the unset has proposed federation because we monitor the set up of ethnic groups, the colonial underpinnings and other issues so the only thing that can make us be together is a federal system of Government but as hard as we said it, so many Anglophones don’t believe in it. They said it was a call for secession but it appears the same people who refused to embrace federation are the people calling for federation right now. So why would you allow people to push you to the wall and draw your attention to the fact that you are being marginalized before you accept federation? The federal option has been the SDF’s standpoint from the birth of the party.”

It should be noted that the Chairman’s decision comes days after recent horrific happenings have plagued the house during the just begun  November session of parliament being the inferno, boycott of parliament by SDF MPs and willful silence over the Anglophone problem by the house speaker.

By Mildred Ndum Wung Kum

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