Minister prays for successful conduct of GCE

“I am happy to say that I saw in the Southwest and Northwest Regions a high level of responsibility and patriotism of the stakeholders. These exams of the GCE Board are going on well in these two Regions and I hope that they will end as well as they started.”

The Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe made this observation on Thursday June 15 in Buea after a tour in the two Anglophone Regions during which he evaluated the conduct of the 2016/2017 General Certificate of Examination, GCE.

The Minister visited some accommodation centres in Manyu, Meme and Fako Divisions viz; Government High School, GHS, Mamfe, Government Technical High School, GTHS, Mamfe and Government Teachers Training College, GTTC, Mamfe where he encouraged candidates and officials in charge of the examinations to continue doing what they are doing with unrelenting commitment.

Ngalle Bibehe, said he was out to ensure that the various end of course examinations that is; GCE General and Technical, BAC Technique and Grade One Certificate Examinations go on well and effectively in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.  He said he was satisfied with the organization in place, the mobilization and enthusiasm of students. “I appreciate the efforts of stakeholders and the forces of law and order here in the Southwest Region. They are really important,” he remarked.

At the Government Bilingual Teacher Training College, GBTTC Kumba where student-teachers were taking their Teacher Grade One Certificate Examination, and at CCAS Kumba – the largest accommodation centre for Ordinary and Advanced Level General Education subjects in Meme, the Minister expressed satisfaction saying he was contented with the serene atmosphere that reigned.

However, the Secondary Education head did not also fail to take note of some complaints submitted to him at various campuses. At GTTC Buea, the Principal showed him a classroom which had been almost set on fire by some unknown arsonists. The Minister saw in the dastardly action a signal, a necessity for a perimeter fence to be built round the campus.

The Principal also brought to the notice of the Minister the invasion of school land by probably the Buea Council.  Surprisingly, the Governor scolded the Principal, reminding him that it was within the competence of the local administration to handle land encroachment issues and not the Minister. However, somewhere along the line, the visiting Minister inadvertently still stopped over at where the council was allegedly encroaching and had some aggrieved interest whisper into his ear. The Rambler learnt that the council was encroaching into the land, excavating with a view to building such rental stalls as now litter the Buea municipal landscape.

After visiting GTHS Buea and establishing that there was tranquility, Minister Bibehe ended his tour with a visit to the Cameroon GCE Board Office.

The probability is high that the GCE currently being written would come to a successful term, free of major incident in the two Anglophone Regions hence, the fulfillment of Minister’s wish. However, a looming big worry besides the confusion that preceded this year’s GCE Examination is; what is likely  to happen to students who ought to have sat for promotion examinations but didn’t. This is disturbing issue staring not only school principals, but also Parent Teachers Associations, PTA’s and by extension, the Government.

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  1. Martin Luther Fon Yembe
    Martin Luther Fon Yembe says:

    Lest we forget, Hon. Wirba, while in Cameroun, right from the Governor’s office in Bamenda, to the grand rally at the Commercial venue, has always talked of a return to West Cameroon…the Two=State Federation! Who knows what has transpired as conditions for his return! I also recall hearing the detained declaring on several occasions that they are for Federation. Now, the word Federation in Cameroon refer to “Secession:”, not even Independence…The word Restoration in Cameroon means Two state Federation (West Cameroon)! So, let’s wait and see!
    Ta Shey Witang in Ndu

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