Prostitution: Scourge or source of solace


Some refer to it as the oldest profession in the world and see no reason why it should not be legalized and a professional deontology affixed to its practice as it is the case in some advanced countries. Others, especially governments in developing countries and religious bodies see it as an epitome of woes and tribulation in societies advancing towards modernism.

Whatever the angle from which it is viewed prostitution is simply paid sex- without any emotional attachment. The reason women and sometimes men engage in this nauseating enterprise (depending on the part of this sinful world it is being considered) range from poverty, lasciviousness and penchant for unaffordable frivolities.  

According to Philemon a science student, prostitution is when someone engages sex in exchange for money. From his prism, men and women practice this act of prostitution in our current society. Prostitution in the society he continues is caused by so many reasons. Firstly, some girls who are schooling face difficulties in buying handouts, payment of house rents and their personal needs turn to engage in such act so as to get money to meet up with needs or wants. Most times, men are also paid for prostituting not because they don’t have job but because they get pay for it. These men engage into such acts and earn the names < SUGAR DADDY>, and girls <SUGAR MUMMY>.

 One of the results of, prostitution is loss of self esteem and dignity. There is also the spread of so many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS, Gonorrheal, and virginal itching for women. The major way in which the government can use to eradicate or reduce the rate of prostitution in the society is by creating jobs for girls especially, those who are graduates or hold conferences to sensitize the youth about prostitution and its effect. By so doing, youths will change or deviate from such acts. Men and women out there should be counselled to embrace self employment or entrepreneurship. Self employment means you can get engage in petty trading businesses. We don’t need to wait on the government to give us job but to be self employed.


Prostitution is the act of sleeping with all kind of men and women in search for money. Prostitution here is like a profession not something for pleasure but aims at making money. Many girls here do it not engage in it because they enjoy or like it but because of money. According to her, the reason why girls get in to prostitution is because they were raped and because of that, they feel they don’t have that self dignity in them anymore. Some girls are forced by their parent to go in to such acts because of poverty so as to bring home some money to carter for their needs. Some girls also go in to it because they are frustrated that they can’t do any job so to them the best and easy way to get money is by sleeping with men in exchange for money. Girls see this profession as stress free because they don’t struggle to get the money. Other girls get into this act of prostituting because they come from a poor background for example those selling pure water on the street feel the money they earn is not enough so the only way to earn more money is prostitution. In the cause of doing it they find themselves not wanting to live because they enjoy it. To her the effect of such act is that it will make the girls never to have the desire for marriage, some might contract diseases even though they claim they live on drugs and take treatment. So they turn to live all their live on drugs because once they don’t take the drugs they do not get to treat these disease found in them. Some will end up not having children due to series of abortion they had and end up childless till they die. Her advice to young girls out there is that they should hustle because men cannot give everything to them. It is just to sit and think about any small business you can do. In my case, I sell eggs. You too, can as well borrow money from a relative or a friend to start up a business which can grow to yield you great profit in order to stop this prostitution. The government can create an intitution which can lend money to these girls.


Prostitution is the exchange of one’s self for money. To him the reasons why girls prostitute are so many and not just for money. Prostitution is not just standing at the road side or duping money from your boy friend. Some just prostitute because of their quest for money to buy the latest designer dress, phones in order to compete with friends. To him the effect of prostitution is that it will lead to unwanted pregnancy. The victims will also turn to lose trust because when people know you and the means through which you get your money, the news spreads because it is not something that can hide. Another effect is that it will lead to contraction of diseases like HIV AIDS. His advice to girls out there is that they should live a simple, pleasant and reserved lives because even when you do a bad thing people will not put eyes on you


UB Journalism Students on internship

Momo ACCOUNTS: Keeping your money closer to you or scammers?

*By Ewange Njenge Brenda, Enongene Lerise Mbulle, Tabe Clemantine and Narenga Lizzette

Besides life, money is arguably the next thing most treasured by mankind. Money is practically imprisoned in vaults and strong houses not because it has been found guilty and is serving a term but because it must be kept safe from thieves and other “predators.” The world over, individuals and nations are mostly respected on account of how rich or poor they are in monetary terms. They are valued mostly on how much they have “imprisoned” in the safety of bank accounts.

Cases of bank breaks abound more than those of penitentiary breaks at which prisoners are set free. In short, money as the common saying goes, opens every door. The rich West dictates to the poor Third World countries, including who should rule them and for how long. With their monetary wealth, the West easily decides who should have or be deprived of money. Sanctions, which are often obnoxious and mean are imposed on already poor countries that hesitate to open up their flanks for further exploitation. The case of Zimbabwe easily comes to mind.

It is also commonly said that money is the root of all evil. Little wonder, otherwise lazy school dropouts are adept at scamming themselves into fabulous monetary wealth; otherwise decent people succumb to the lure of money by carrying out unprintable businesses. Money is grown the same way cash crops are grown. Whereas cash and food crops are planted in the soil, money is planted in ideas, vaults, savings accounts and tontines, to name but these.

When armed robbers attack, it is most often because they are targeting one’s monetary wealth. Money buys cars, mansions, reputations, dignity, fame, women and more. Over the years, money economists decided that the cashless economy whereby purchases could be safely effected without the use of fiscal cash should be the order of the day. Yet, scammers and other people of doubtful credibility have turned out to be always a step ahead of the most intelligent and innovative monetary economists of the world.

Banks have been in existence for centuries. Business here is, under normal circumstances, characterized with first opening and running a savings or current account. At banks, customers are basically subjected to the acceptable tedium of queuing up in long lines if they must deposit or withdraw cash. Even if such cash was just a pittance, the depositor or withdrawer would be expected in certain cases to hang on patiently for hours on end. Advances have been made over time to beat this manner of time wasting at formal banks including the introduction of ATM machines and the like. Very recently, banking transactions were rendered even easier, brought to practically every fingertip by way of Mobile Money accounts, aka MoMo. It functions by way of the mobile telephone.

Mobile money appeared in the limelight in Cameroon in 2010. MTN mobile money first came, then a year later Orange Money was also launched. As at the last check there is a record 6,8 million MoMo subscribers with close to 1,5million being active users in Cameroon. The record kept on increasing year after year. Discerning Cameroonians have so far been enjoying this system of banking transactions, as everyone with a mobile phone could have an account, without undergoing the tedium of complicated paperwork often required in the conventional banking sector.

MoMo has saved the teeming Cameroonian population lots of headaches and a certain degree of privacy. It has also redistributed wealth, created lots of new jobs with thousands of mobile money agents were placed all over the country, doing brisk monetary transactions on roadside kiosks. The long waiting lines characteristic at formal banks with sometimes attendant rude clerks have dwindled.

Mobile money permits pretty easy business transactions. For example, if you go to a shop to buy goods and with money in your mobile wallet you could, with a few punches on your mobile phone pay for the goods through MoMo. Even university institutions enjoy this system. As for parents who send their children to school, instead of encountering the stress of physically going to school to pay their fees, they can sit back comfortably at home and send your money and register their children. Even more, you can be your very own callbox as you can buy credit from your memo account. Indeed mobile money has been a blessing to Cameroonians and beyond, we all enjoy the system.

Yet even though mobile money brought joy, it also came with its ugly aspects as scammers easily learnt how to hack individuals’ accounts without much ado, scamming them of all their money. Plus, the charges began increasing outrageously. Firstly let’s discuss about the knowhow of hacking a MoMo account. According to some persons we interviewed, individuals say to hack into an account is by knowing one’s password and it is shocking on how easy one’s hard earned millions could be thieved just like that.

Some of those we interviewed advised that different means of security should be put in place to better enjoy the mobile money system (MoMo). Now why will people hack accounts, under this topic several causes are included but all based under one motive and that is to unlawfully increase the hacking individual’s standard of living.

 Then concerning the withdrawal tariffs, was previously free but started increasing as now the principal telephony companies started cashing in on demand and charging between FCFA 50 and 500 based on the amount (FCFA 100 to one million) and even though till date MTN mobile money deposits are still said to be free the population can’t get off the shock of the outrageous increase in the withdrawal tariff.

But could these tariffs be reduced or cancelled outright? Zuumpay is a global mobile payment and financial service, and according to its founder a young Cameroonian named Ndamo Israel, this new system unlike mobile money doesn’t take or require charges to either deposit or withdraw.

Asked if a zuumpay system can be hacked his reply was: “The zuumpay system is built with state of the art security protocols securing from the system software, users account and every transaction. We are using from the required banking security system, applying compliance security protocols to ensure both software and system security. That is to say, no zuumpay account can be hacked.”                                                                                                                                                                                      *(UB Journalism students on internship)              

The new addiction dubbed mobile phones

By Buma Bronhilda Wasa*

The effect is palpable even if ominous. The victim is usually seen in front of a television screen, or near a radio set and sometimes even in conversation with an interlocutor. However, their attention is not on what they are watching or listening to but on their mobile phone which they unconsciously manipulate sometime to the knowledge of the person with whom they are supposed to be conversing. This new addiction is causing people to indulge in sometimes abominable actions like conversing while driving or concentrating on the phone while engaged in a supposedly important dialogue.

Looking around the world today we will notice that people are not only dependent on their phones but have grown emotionally attached to them. Phones are the first things we get hold of when we wake up and the last thing we check on before we go to bed. They have become a basic element in our day to day life. Statistics have shown that a new phone owner is more attached to his or her phone more than one who has owned a phone for more than a year. Many people cannot imagine living without phones due to how attached they have become to these gadgets.

The Smartphone is hardly the problem. The problem of attachment to smart phones are the applications, internet and games it connects us to. Communication between people physically has become a thing of the past. Families now sit together in the same milieu but all heads and attention are buried on their phones. Even during religious services, people cannot resist the temptation of not touching their phones. We have seen couples sit in restaurants and snacks paying attention to their phones and ignoring each other. Due to the availability of phones almost everyone has access to the internet. Staying connected is now a national obsession. Libraries are no longer visited because with one option on your phone you can access any book or article you want. We have witnessed accidents that happened because the driver was manipulating his­ phone while driving. We have witnessed people fall into pits, holes and even hit themselves on objects on the road because they had their heads buried on their phones while walking.

Also, people have died or gotten wounded because they go as far as using their smart phones while charging them. For the advantages of access to internet on the smart phones, people can shop online, advertise businesses, access banking apps for easy financial transactions. When faced with a situation you can easily reach out to someone for help. We get entertained from the funny videos, the talent shows, the pranks. We get educated due to the easy access of information and interactive content.

However, as the adage goes, all that glitters is not gold. As the phone technology gets smarter, the price for the phone has experienced upward mobility. Also smart phones are a great distraction. Instead of studying, we get entangled with funny video or uncensored programs like pornographic videos. More so, much attention on phones affects the eyes because phones have HEV lights which can damage the eye retina. With all this we will conclude that a phone is a necessity in our day to day life but should be handled with much precaution.

*UB Journalism student on internship


Momo ACCOUNTS: Keeping your money closer to you or scammers?

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