Douala night watchman dies on duty

The lifeless body of a night watch was found in his own pool of blood on the morning of Friday, November 24, at the Bali neighbourhood in Douala.

Kondo Samuel, 50, worker with a security firm in Douala, had taken service at a residence at the rue Prince Bell in Bali, Douala neighbourhood the previous night where he was reportedly found dead.

“When he signed in for service last night, he later came out to discuss with us. He told us he was not feeling well, that he felt cold inside him before later returning inside the compound where he was guarding,” one of the deceased’s colleague who was guarding a neighbouring residence said.

He was only later discovered lying dead in the morning by children in the residence with stretches on his face.

His body was later taken to the mortuary for post mortem to determine the exact cause of death by security officials called to the scene while elements of the judicial police in Bonanjo have also opened parallel investigations.

By Francis Ajumane





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