‘Odeshi’ clad stalker captured in Kumba

The current face-off between Anglophones separatists and Government has been slowly but steadily inching its way into guerrilla warfare. From Mamfe in particular and Manyu Division in general, it has spread its tentacles to Ndian and Meme Divisions where sporadic attacks on soldiers and Government institutions are becoming customary. The latest of such incidents is the botched attempt to gain access into the abode of the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Meme, Charmbalin Ntou’ou Ndong.

Information that filtered from the SDO’s office holds that a man aged about 18 recently sneaked into the SDO’s residence at GRA Up Station Kumba at about 2.40am, unaware that the residence was being guarded by military officials. Metres away from the main house the boy heard orders to halt but he did not. After the second command ordering the intruder to halt by was reportedly defied by the boy, those guarding the premises opened fire on him. Surprisingly, the cartridges could not penetrate the ‘Odeshi (fetish protection) the Ambazonian’ soldier wore. It is alleged that the security officials continued shooting but that the “odeshi” protected intruder kept moving. But that at one point he fell on the ground and was arrested by the security operatives.

The arrested “odeshi” clad ‘Ambazonian soldier’ is said to have revealed that he was sent by his “commander” to spy on the soldiers stationed at the residence for an ultimate attack launch.

The SDO’s driver who lives in the neighborhood is said to have alerted him to the presence of some strange people around. The ‘Ambazonian soldiers’ scampered off when they realized that their colleague had been overpowered by regular security operatives guarding the SDO.

At the time of his capture, the said ‘Ambazonian’ intruder had no identification papers on him. He was taken to the Kumba Central Police Station where he is reportedly helping out with information about others.

By Ngende Esther

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