Cop threatens journalist with death

As the Anglophone problem is escalating by the day with a high number of deaths registered, abductions on the rise and violation of human rights and dignity, the threat on the persons and lives of Anglophone journalists especially, those of the private media is now an issue faced by the few who dare to write about the ongoing upheavals particularly, in the Southwest Region.
After an incident which saw the molestation of The Post Newspaper vendor for no apparent just cause, another scenario bordering on threat to the life of Maxcel Fokwen, Kumba journalist writing for same newspaper has reared its ugly head. After an unpleasant ordeal with some military goons in Kumba, this is what he posted on his Facebook page for all to see.
“If you find my flesh lifeless then ask the police to explain.
“Friday June 15, 2018 at 6:15 pm, a police officer walks up to me at the Kumba newsstand. He then beckons on me to come. Afterwards, I am asked to produce my identity card and what followed next was a series of unending questions in French.
“Despite telling him I came to collect a newspaper … the officer insisted and then tells his colleague on duty “chef voice l’Ambazonien qui vient ici. Then I retorted that I don’t understand what he was saying and he talks further with his colleague.
“As I smiled telling him I am a journalist who often times visits their service for professional work, he gave me a stern warning.
“Eh ne blague pas avec moi. Je ne suis pas Anglophone. Je ne vien pas ici pour ris avec toi. Je te tue maintenant.”
“Then he turned his focus to my professional card and I told him today is a public holiday and that I left home. Before I could speak further, he looked at the complexion of my hands keenly then opened up my underwear and said he was going to find out about me.
“I maintained that I could not connect with all his insinuations. The officer makes a few steps towards the newsstand and then returned my credentials promising doom. I made an immediate call to the Central Police Commissioner for Kumba. He’s promised to investigate the threat to my life. I impatiently await the outcome of his findings.
“N.B. I am not only made of flesh but my spirit cannot be assassinated. Before today, anonymous callers have made similar attempts on my person which I have ignored until today.
“My God too can do the worst.
To confirm the veracity of the story, The Rambler had a long chat with the victim who explained that before the ordeal, he had been having strange calls which caused him to avoid taking calls from unidentified numbers.
Questioned on what he did after the scenario, he said he immediately called and met the Commissioner of the Kumba Central Police station. He said the Commissioner requested if he knows the name of the said police who harassed him, but he said he does not know but could pick him out facially. However, it is noted that they have not yet visited the police for identification of the person who harassed him due to other circumstances as he planned going to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO’s, office subsequently.
Fokwen however revealed that since the beginning of the crisis especially, the meeting of Bobga Harmony in Bamenda, he has been writing about the crisis but, doing his reports objectively, reasons why he doesn’t see why the military should be behind him.
It should be noted that some police travelling via public transport without the knowledge of the presence of journalists in the same transport vehicle held openly that Anglophone journalists are separatists’ adding that when they (the police) “will start on them,” no one will tell them to stop writing about the crisis.

Kumba still cut off from Buea

Routing the Ambazonia militia from their stronghold near Ekona in Fako Division must have been pretty good news for the regime. Freeing certain important abductees, including a Police Superintendent would have been equally relieving to the regular forces and their paymasters. But somehow this seeming edge over the separatist fighters may turn out to be but a pyrrhic victory for the Government or at the very best, a good joke in bad taste.
Vehicular traffic from Kumba, Meme Divisional chief town, to the Southwest Regional capital, Buea has, for almost a week, been completely disrupted. The dislodged militia is said to have blocked the highway with heaps of sand and other obstacles, totally disrupting movement to Kumba and vice versa.
It is also alleged that the Amba boys went haywire, and have since been physically stopping every single automobile from getting into or leaving Kumba. Consequently, thousands of visitors who entered Kumba from Fako Division are all stranded here. Others who came in from Mamfe, hoping to proceed to Muyuka, Buea or Victoria are reportedly still stuck in this Meme chief town. The same goes for those that were trying to reach the popular K-town from Yaounde, Douala or even from abroad.
A source informed The Rambler that the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Moderator Emeritus, the Most Rt Rev, Nyansako ni Nku is one of those stuck in the small village of Bombe. He was said to be on his way to preside at a memorial service for a prominent PCC Christian in Victoria when he was caught up in the melee. We were told that the army opted to improvise some means of getting him out of the seeming captivity and enable him carry out to his Pastoral duties but that the former Moderator would rather be holed up with the rest of the stranded crowd in the tiny village.
By midday on Tuesday, June 19, bulldozers, escorted by heavy military tanks left Kumba, ostensibly to clear the road and make for traffic to start flowing. But by nightfall, on the same day, not even a single automobile had arrived Fako from Meme or vice versa. Hundreds of anxious passengers were still eagerly waiting on both sides of the divide.
Elsewhere on the streets trucks carrying foodstuff destined for other parts of the country from the agriculturally rich Meme Division were stranded, packed in long lines on the highway. Some of the foodstuff was, of course, rotting away.

Fallen cop posthumously decorated

As Government’s last respect preluding transportation of the homeward-bound corpse of Chemu Mbange Denis, First Grade Police Inspector shot and killed in Ekona on May 20, Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, on Friday, June 8, in Buea decorated the lifeless body of the fallen hero with a bravery medal.
The event started with procession of the remains of Chemu into the police Mobile Intervention Unit, GMI, premises by his colleagues. The national flag was placed on his coffin and Okalia proceeded to decorate it with a bravery medal. He and some other dignitaries in the presence of the family members consoled the late police’s widow while the remains of Chemu Mbange were then taken away in an ambulance to be ferried to his native Balengou village in the West Region.
The 38 year old deceased was admitted to be a police constable in 2,000 and in 2,004, wore the grade of Police Inspector till his death. He had worked in the West Region, Maroua and lastly in Buea where he met his end.He was married and father of four little boys.
When The Rambler met with Tchoumjou Jean, brother of the deceased, he stated in agony that his late brother has left a very big hole in his heart adding that he doubts the person who can feel it. He pointed to the four little boys which Chemu left behind with his young widow.
Chemu Mbange died in active service in Ekona on May 20 according to the Southwest Governor by separatists.
By Relindise Ebune


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