Prostitution: Scourge or source of solace


Some refer to it as the oldest profession in the world and see no reason why it should not be legalized and a professional deontology affixed to its practice as it is the case in some advanced countries. Others, especially governments in developing countries and religious bodies see it as an epitome of woes and tribulation in societies advancing towards modernism.

Whatever the angle from which it is viewed prostitution is simply paid sex- without any emotional attachment. The reason women and sometimes men engage in this nauseating enterprise (depending on the part of this sinful world it is being considered) range from poverty, lasciviousness and penchant for unaffordable frivolities.  

According to Philemon a science student, prostitution is when someone engages sex in exchange for money. From his prism, men and women practice this act of prostitution in our current society. Prostitution in the society he continues is caused by so many reasons. Firstly, some girls who are schooling face difficulties in buying handouts, payment of house rents and their personal needs turn to engage in such act so as to get money to meet up with needs or wants. Most times, men are also paid for prostituting not because they don’t have job but because they get pay for it. These men engage into such acts and earn the names < SUGAR DADDY>, and girls <SUGAR MUMMY>.

 One of the results of, prostitution is loss of self esteem and dignity. There is also the spread of so many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS, Gonorrheal, and virginal itching for women. The major way in which the government can use to eradicate or reduce the rate of prostitution in the society is by creating jobs for girls especially, those who are graduates or hold conferences to sensitize the youth about prostitution and its effect. By so doing, youths will change or deviate from such acts. Men and women out there should be counselled to embrace self employment or entrepreneurship. Self employment means you can get engage in petty trading businesses. We don’t need to wait on the government to give us job but to be self employed.


Prostitution is the act of sleeping with all kind of men and women in search for money. Prostitution here is like a profession not something for pleasure but aims at making money. Many girls here do it not engage in it because they enjoy or like it but because of money. According to her, the reason why girls get in to prostitution is because they were raped and because of that, they feel they don’t have that self dignity in them anymore. Some girls are forced by their parent to go in to such acts because of poverty so as to bring home some money to carter for their needs. Some girls also go in to it because they are frustrated that they can’t do any job so to them the best and easy way to get money is by sleeping with men in exchange for money. Girls see this profession as stress free because they don’t struggle to get the money. Other girls get into this act of prostituting because they come from a poor background for example those selling pure water on the street feel the money they earn is not enough so the only way to earn more money is prostitution. In the cause of doing it they find themselves not wanting to live because they enjoy it. To her the effect of such act is that it will make the girls never to have the desire for marriage, some might contract diseases even though they claim they live on drugs and take treatment. So they turn to live all their live on drugs because once they don’t take the drugs they do not get to treat these disease found in them. Some will end up not having children due to series of abortion they had and end up childless till they die. Her advice to young girls out there is that they should hustle because men cannot give everything to them. It is just to sit and think about any small business you can do. In my case, I sell eggs. You too, can as well borrow money from a relative or a friend to start up a business which can grow to yield you great profit in order to stop this prostitution. The government can create an intitution which can lend money to these girls.


Prostitution is the exchange of one’s self for money. To him the reasons why girls prostitute are so many and not just for money. Prostitution is not just standing at the road side or duping money from your boy friend. Some just prostitute because of their quest for money to buy the latest designer dress, phones in order to compete with friends. To him the effect of prostitution is that it will lead to unwanted pregnancy. The victims will also turn to lose trust because when people know you and the means through which you get your money, the news spreads because it is not something that can hide. Another effect is that it will lead to contraction of diseases like HIV AIDS. His advice to girls out there is that they should live a simple, pleasant and reserved lives because even when you do a bad thing people will not put eyes on you


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