156 athletes participates in Mt. Cameroon test race

156 athletes from all 10 Regions of Cameroon have taken part in the first test race in preparation for the 24th edition of the ‘Mount Cameroon Race of Hope; scheduled for February 23, this year.

The race on Saturday January 19 which kicked started at 7:20am saw all participants taking part in one category from the Molyko Stadium to the Intermediary hut. Tangwa Stephanus representing the Southwest Governor presided over the event with his kickoff whistle.

After 2hrs 26mins of run, Ndangeh Simplice emerged as winner of the race, followed by Lambu Elizah Kangha with a 10 minutes difference while vetran Sarah Etonge’s son, Lyonga Essombe Samuel attained the third position covering the distance in 2h 41 minutes.

According to Nlemba Roger, Secretary General of the Athletic League, Southwest Region, the path of the mountain is well secured with a medical team in place already for any health eventuality. This to him makes them set for the race, come January 23.

The athletes who took part in this year’s test race however testified that the race course is not yet ready as ‘pasture’ could be seen on their bodies.

With the notion of serious insecurity issues in this part of the country which Cameroonians in other Regions and those out of the country are made to believe, the number of athletes and the turnout of the population this year as many believe would drastically drop if care is not taken.

By Relindise Ebune

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