Barrister Nso’s recusal, ‘ping-pong’ with defence colleagues

By Beng Humphrey Fang

The festering power show among various climes of Anglophone separatists has assumed a very treacherous and potentially fatal twist as each faction opposed to a united Cameroon jostles for visibility and hegemony.From Cameroon to Switzerland and the United States of America, the rhythm is one of cacophony in strategy and ‘ground zero’ tactics.

In the light of the above, the sacking of Barrister Fru John Nsoh by mainstream defence counsel for Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and nine others is seen as a recent derivative of avoidable squabbling at a time when synergy of forces against tyranny and misrule is of essence.Subsequent to this untoward development and haggard from the deleterious stigma of incompetence and lack of professional consciousness affixed to his person in a recent press conference in Yaoundé wherein he was also recused as lead defence counsel, Barrister Nso has in retribution taken a swipe at his erstwhile comrades in arms.

Speaking on Cameroon’s Douala-based Equinox television channel on phone, the lawyer said nobody has the right to remove him as lead counsel of the college of lawyers. He, however, regretted that instead of the lawyers to sympathize with him for making such outings, they instead want to remove him as lead counsel.

Commenting on what is alleged to have triggered the move by the lawyers to take such an action against him, the outspoken lawyer, Barrister Fru in the phone call enunciated loud and clear, his earlier allegation that Sissiku Ayuk Tabe has been compromised by the Cameroon government. Going further, he alleged that the results of his investigation hold that the detained separatist leader has been having meetings in prison with the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon through its Secretary General, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to the extent they have been signing documents. Meantime, Barrister Fru’s investigation as he claimed, is yet to reveal the content of the meeting or documents alleged to have been signed between the Southern Cameroons beleaguered leader and the presidency. An outing by the disavowed lawyer is highly awaited as soon as he returns to the Cameroon as he said his reaction to the disclaimer against him by the lawyers will be uncovered when he returns to Cameroon from the U.S.

Going by the joint statement presented by the assistant lead counsel Barrister Paddy Yong on behalf of the college of lawyers defending the Ambazonia leadership in detention, the lawyers said Fru John Nso had recused himself as lead lawyer of the team by virtue of his outing, emphatically stating that they, lawyers are just legal and not political advisers to the detainees. The lawyers equally clarified that the man of law has just been stripped of his position as lead lawyer but remains a member of the team. “Fru remains part of the team, but we cannot look up to him as lead counsel,” they stated. Stemming from there, they added that any outing or utterance henceforth by the said lawyer is personal and not on behalf of the defense. Without mincing words, “we distance ourselves from Barrister Fru’s outings in the USA and other foreign media organs,” the team declared.

Worthy of note is the fact that the legal ping-pong being played by the Sisiku Ayuk defence lawyers is just a microcosm of the rotten potato that advocates of Southern Cameroons separation from La Republique du Cameroun now project. From fragile breakaway factions to discordant communiqués on the same subject with impeachments and counter impeachments in tow, the struggle for Anglophone emancipation is certainly far from denouement. Perhaps the issue that is ordinarily amenable to reexamination requires more evenhandedness than the current pigheadedness.

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